Machine park

Somero Power Rake 3.0

Paving machine for concrete mixture Thanks to its properties the machine can place the following floors: on chaired rebars, in underground garages, on mezzanines. Thanks to its small dimensions it is fast and nimble and can be used in places where much bigger machines would not work.

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Somero SXP Laser Screed

Modern laser paving machine with a vibratory screed of about 4,5m width, perfect for laying large area floors. Movable head of the paving machine allows for easy manoeuvre and vibration of the mixture on inaccessible surfaces.


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Somero Laser Screed S-160

Combine for spreading concrete Somero Laser Screed S-160. This machine is a highly efficient device allowing for spreading of concrete and he simultaneous vibrating and levelling. Its accuracy is ensured by laser leveller.

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Somero Topping Spreader STS -132

Somero STS-132 Topping Spreader is a flagship SOMERO product. This technically developed machine is perfect for accurate and efficient distribution of shake-on toppings for concrete floors.


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HTC 1500 ixT

HTC 1500 ixT is a type of machine that you can control sitting comfortably using 2 joysticks. It can be used both for small and big surfaces.

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Somero Copperhead

Concrete levelling machine SOMERO CopperHead XD laser SCREED COPPERHEAD is a machine for the even levelling of concrete. The machine automatically adjusts the height of the levelling head to the selected level.
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